Shariyka Romero is a social media maven, who writes on the Ikohaus website. With an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management from East Carolina University and 16 years of social media experience, she has a finely-tuned understanding of how brands can best position themselves, and how she can support their mission.

Lifestyle influencer covering art, beauty, fitness, and fashion. Giving millennial women inspirational messages because we all need that extra lift now and then. Shariyka collaborates with businesses and digital agencies on campaigns to increase their exposure by using her social reach across all networks. Also, Shariyka is a Brand Ambassador for companies such as Marc Jacobs Beauty, Sunny Co Clothing, and Lively.

When she is not hiding behind her computer, phone, or obsessing about food, she likes working out, watching television, reading novels, reviewing products on Influenster, and creating stunning looks with makeup.