4 Things You Didn’t Know About JORD Cassia Wood Watch

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Have you ever browsed Pinterest or social media and wondered what watches you should be collecting?

You’re not alone.

It can be challenging to choose from the numerous watches available.

In the past, I’ve collected my fair share of watches and gifted a wood watch. My experience with watches led me to create a review of the Cassia Olive & Aegean Blue watch from JORD.

You pinned a couple of watches on your Pinterest board, and none of them suit your style. You search online for the reviews of your pinned images, and you believe that the timepiece for you is out there. Maybe all the watches are starting to look the same, or it’s time to explore your options for quality watches.

Does this sound like you?

According to an article on Forbes, people who wear traditional watches are more successful. In Brian Rashid’s article, “5 Reasons Why People Who Wear A Traditional Watch To Work Succeed,” he found that people who wear a traditional watch to work are considered more productive, punctual, organized, and are appreciative of quality and style. In a digital age where smartphones seem to be making the traditional timepiece inessential, it’s good to know there is still a place for the watch.

Are you thinking about purchasing a wood watch? If so, read on to learn about the benefits of wearing wood watches.

About JORD

JORD (pronounced YODE) was established in 2013 and is based in St. Louis. Additionally, JORD is a Norse word meaning “Earth.”

JORD’s watches and accessories are inspired by nature and designed with a modern lifestyle in mind. The watches are a sophisticated mix of natural and reclaimed materials (recycled materials) with quality movements and components. JORD offers designs for the serious watch enthusiast and the casual consumer looking for a new watch or hat. 

Even though JORD is best-known for its wood designs, JORD has recently expanded its offerings to include other natural elements such as stone and marble. Specifically, an Apple Watch band series is available in wood or leather.

What is a wood watch? A wood watch is a timepiece that incorporates wood into the design. Wood makes up the watch’s case and strap. The internal watch mechanism is the same as your conventional watch.

I’m ecstatic to announce my partnership with JORD (pronounced “YODE”)! JORD and I are collaborating to bring you hand-crafted wood timepieces. Enter for a chance to win $100 off any JORD watch. The winner will receive a $100 gift code toward the purchase of any watch in the JORD collection. All other entrants will receive a 10% off gift code. 

Cassia – Olivia & Aegean Blue Wood Watch

In 2017, JORD added a new model to their line, the Cassia. The quartz-powered series is the first women’s watch in JORD’s collection to feature metal link integration on the band and a full Roman numeral face on the concave dial.

Cassia - Olivia & Aegean Blue Wood Watch

The thoughtfully-styled Scandinavian design makes the Cassia a vintage-inspired timepiece. Feminine lines are repeated in the spherical, bezel-less case that transitions to a steel interlaced band. Think of a bezel-less case like the frame around an artwork. A bezel is the outer casing of the watch. Furthermore, the metal frame that holds the glass or crystal in place on the watch.

The Cassia series is available in 4 stunning colorways (Olive & Aegean Blue, Ebony & Sable, Zebrawood & Ivory, and Walnut & Rose) featuring beautifully grained woods, muted dials, and luxury watch components. 

JORD Cassia

Wristwatches for women tend to be more than a timepiece and function as arm candy or jewelry too. Pair the Cassia with your business causal, fringe, floral, burgundy, and heavy metal looks. 

Who is the wood watch for?

Hand-crafted wood timepieces that seamlessly fit your style. JORD’s collection is versatile and for the serious watch enthusiast. Try wearing your wood watch with casual or formal attire.

If you want to make a statement about the environment or own an attractive timepiece, there’s a wood watch for you. You are a unique individual and can express that individuality by wearing a naturally unique handcrafted wood timepiece. Give a wood watch as a gift that says you care about the person you are buying it for and for the environment too.

4 benefits of wearing wooden watches:

  1. Stylish
  2. Durable
  3. Long-lasting and lightweight
  4. Heat resistant

Enter my exclusive giveaway to receive a $100 Gift Code off any watch in the JORD collection

If you are a watch enthusiast, it’s time to have fun with your new timepiece. Here are a few things to consider before you give up hope.

Wood is one of the most durable and sustainable materials on earth. Wooden watches are naturally hypoallergenic and won’t cause a reaction on even the most sensitive skin. Wood watches are handcrafted rather than manufactured. Moreover, many people find that metal and plastic watches that contain alloys or chemicals irritate the skin.

The distinctive pattern of wood grain makes a wooden watch unique. Similar to an original painting, no two watches are identical. When you own a wood watch, you have a unique wood watch with the original grain formed by many years of tree growth.

Another key point, wooden watches are long-lasting and lightweight. The material used gives you less resistance and more mobility around the wrist. If your style consists of large watch faces or chunky designs, opt for a wood watch.

However, metal tends to be heavy and heat up quickly and be a less breathable option. For example, if you live in a place like North Carolina where the weather is hot and humid, then you’ll love the idea of owning a wood watch. When I wear my Cassia, it feels as if I’m not wearing a watch at all.

Where can you find JORD Wood Watches?

Unique, hand-crafted wood watch, fit your style. Undeniably three reasons you’ll love JORD. 

Looking for a unique personalized gift for your loved one? JORD offers custom professional sizing and personalized engraving is available on watch backplates and cedar humidor display boxes.

In sum, if you’re a serious watch enthusiast or looking for a quality watch that fits your style, then check out JORD Watches. Even though the watch shown in this article is from the women’s collection, there’s a men’s collection as well.

With this in mind, I’m hosting a giveaway to win $100 off any JORD’s watch. Everyone who enters will be emailed their 10% off code, while one lucky winner will receive a discount code for $100 off. 

Could that be you? To enter for a chance to receive $100 off any watch, enter the giveaway today

Want to make a statement about the environment or own a handcrafted wood timepiece? There’s a wood watch for you. Experience a timepiece that tells your story. Now onto you, how would you style the Cassia watch? Share your tips in the comments below.

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